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18 year experience

We maintain the adventure that we started in küçükköy since 2000, like the first day.

7/24 Emergency Room (A&E)

Apart from the emergency room,we have physicians on nights shifts in general surgery,internal medicine,obstetrics and gynaecology and pediatric departments.

Bilge Heart

Cardiology department is equipped with the diagnostic devices which provides the diagnose of all the heart diseases within the shortest time.

Bilge cosmetric center

you can securly have your laser epilation and all kind of esthetic operations done in our cosmetic department

Bilge baby

as a baby friendly awarded; not only for pregnant women, we serve with our infertility and ivf treatments for couples who want to have a baby.

Healthy nutririon

a diet can not be done with being hungry.the important thing to lose weight with regular and suffecient eating.dont play with your health.

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