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Nutrition and diet

our hospital give s diet consultancy.first visit takes approximately 1 hour and your fay,muscle,water ratio,your metabolic rate and your ideal weight is measured.after the nutritional presentation,a particular diet progrmn is set off for you due to your blood test results.afterwards we get through the routine follow ups for 45 minutes in each 1-2 weeks.informational and educational materials are presented in different topics in every visit.our nutrition and diet unit follows the latest innovations in this field and raises the awareness of our patients.

we regard satisfactory,balanced and health nutrition as a health education and we give all kind of educations in our hospital. as a lifestyle ,health and balanced nutritional principles are taken in shape with our dietitian-physician-patient cooperation.appropirate lifestyle that consst of healthy choices,small changes in nutrition and activity,games in taste range,importance of meal,amount and its setting is provided via this education.you cant make diet with staying hungry.losing too much weight in a very short while harms your body health.losing weight with regular and adequate nutrition is important.please dont play with your health for short-term results.if you arev willing to eat healthy and go down to your ideal weight get help from a dietitian.different methods are used to detect overweight.bodymass index is one of these methods.ıt can be calculated with division of body weight by meter by square of height.