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General Surgeryu

General surgery,as is evident from its name; it is a specialty that deals with the local lesions and problems that appears on the body via several surgical interventions.this fields also includes recovering and primary care of occured injuries.general surgery works with a multidisciplinary approach.therefore,general surgery is a general surgical interventional specialty as is evident from its name. In order to perfor the interventions in a proper way; first of all, the necessary examinations and tests must be done.thus, proper surgical procedure is performed by surgeon with correct diagnosis.

Patients who complains about general surgery must be seen by a specialist physician.to prevent the progression of diseases,to give chance for early stage intervention and easier diagnose; patients must give a proper and complete statement about their complains.therefore,taking a consultancy from our general surgens rather ignoring the disease, always brings recovery from their diseases.

Our general surgery department gives 24 hour service